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Logistics Distribution Center has a wide range of functional applications, reflecting the integration of logistics, distribution and control. In addition to the basic functions of cargo concentration, it can also achieve multi-party applications such as primary processing, transportation and packaging, and cargo storage. Finally, the goods are sent from the logistics center to the designated receiving or centralized location by direct distribution or transshipment.

In addition, the same as the storage function, the logistics center is more emphasis than the automated warehousing is the speed and accuracy of the product shipment configuration, therefore, the performance of the bar code scanning equipment plays an important part in the logistics center, the information and quantity of goods It can be tracked according to the bar code, and then equipped with conveyor belt and sorting system, which greatly improves the overall logistics allocation efficiency. Automated warehousing emphasizes the management of storage space. Customers can decide their needs based on their considerations.

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Logistic Distribution Center Solutions

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