Heat Conduction / Heat Dissipation

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Thermal is always a concern especially for heavy loading equipment that will generated massive heat, environment with thermal issue will impact overall performance or even result in system shut down. Rear door heat exchanger provide excellence cooling performance that helps solving common thermal issues in data center. Kenmec thermal solution for datacenter can be divided into two parts: Rear door heat exchanger and cooling distribution unit (CDU).

A. CDU: Chilled water for primary loop that can be supply either from tap water, chiller or existing cooling facilities, this chilled water will flow to plate heat exchanger and performance heat exchange with secondary loop; secondary loop on CDU supply cooling liquid that above dew point to ensure no condensation problem, these cooling liquid will flow through heat source and return to plate heat exchanger.
B. Rear door heat exchanger: Depends on thermal requirement, rear door heat exchanger available in 20KW and 30KW that meet specification of standard cabinet and load capacity on the market. Mainly used in data center, it is an energy-saving thermal solution that helps reduce the PUE below 1.4.

(1) Main structure of CDU
1. AC motor: Maximum working pressure 50psi, maximum flow 360LPM. (LX360)
2. Cooling water impurity filter.
3. Water supply / return line distribution connector.
4. High efficiency plate heat exchanger.
5. Intelligent setting and monitoring panel.
6. Abnormal condition alarm system.

(2) Principle of Action
System fan force cold air into cabinet and bring hot air toward rear door for heat exchange, these exchanged heat will then send to external cooling system (chiller) by chilled water in rear door, thus air temperature after passing through rear door will equal to or less than room temperature.

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Heat Conduction / Heat Dissipation

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