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We Manufacturer from Simple Single Ultrasonic Tank:
Due to the ever-changing nature of the specific precision cleaning manufacturing process, we have at our disposal a team of very experienced and innovative engineers and designers from a wide variety of back-ground to cater to your every need.
  • Ultrasonic Aquoes Base Cleaner
  • Spray Wash Cleaner
  • High Pressure Jet Washer
  • Hydrocarbon Base Cleaner
  • Hydrocarbon Recycle System (Recycling)
  • Solvent Base Cleaner (HFE, HCFC, TCE & etc.)
  • Semi Aquoes Base Cleaner
  • Conveyor Cleaner
  • Multi Arm Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • Single Arm Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • Reel to Reel Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Technology driven solutions are not just a vision to uphold at XTS. To us, it is a way of life. We make sure that all of our resources are kept up to date all the way from our designing software to the machines on our production floor. Multi tank cleaning machine, conveyor cleaning system, ultrasonic cleaning or spray cleaning system.
Cleaning method: ultrasonic, jet spray, brush, shower, spray, agitate, bubbling, circulation, rotating, jet flow, vacuum ultrasonic and etc.
Rinsing method: pump overflow, 4 sided over flow, agitation, degassing system, closed system, still, effluent treatment, steam and etc.
Drying method: vacuum, DI water slow pull, suction, spine, hot air, water separate (HFC, HFE, IPA, HCFC), vapor drying (HC, HFC, HFE, IPA, HCFC), air knife, infrared ray, radio wave and etc.
Suitable for plastic injection part, casting part, aircraft component, aerospace manufacturing, maintenance part, glass, aluminum and other engineering parts.
User Friendly
It is our utmost priority to ensure that each and every one of our systems is easy to operate and provides a hassle-free maintenance plan. That is why, with every system purchased, we will delegate a technician to provide a complete training for our clientele.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Malaysia

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