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Automated Storage Retrieval System ASRS

Single Deep, Double Deep and Multiple Deep ASRS Warehouse System

Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) is application where high volumes of inventory input anf output of manufacturing or distribution operations. Storing with ASRS means accurate, real time data is kept on inventory - eliminating need for physical inventory inspections and also providing direct access to items at all times. Utilising ASRS increase throughput and efficiency, save space, and reduce building cost. 


- Increase warehouse space utilization

- Improves order fulfillment speed and accuracy

- Reduce product demage

- Reduce warehouse labor and injuries

Storage equipment is mainly composed of AGV, stacking equipment, and ASRS. With the application of AGVs, companies can significantly reduce the input on labor for transporting goods. The stacking equipment can optimize the used space for the management of goods, and combined with the application of the AS/RS system, the efficiency of product management can be maximized, helping buyers can quickly and accurately control the working flow of the inbound and outbound of products.

In the aspect of management system, buyers can monitor the material handling and storage equipment operation processes through WMS, including the setting of the transport path and storage block, and the statistical analysis of efficiency and usage. In addition, the application of MES can not only help the companies to shorten the process of order handling after receiving an order, but also ensure the quality of the products through the data provided by the system, and take the most of the utility of AS/RS.

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Warehouse Distribution Automation Malaysia

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