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Conveyor for Logistic warehouse with elevator lift conveyor automation system

High demand on online shopping nowadays increase the demand of logistic warehouse hub. Malaysia as Alibaba have invested US$100 million and counting, a lot of warehouse and logistic hub is starting up in Malaysia and South East Asia. XTS is also move into logistic warehouse sorting conveyor system. From office renovation to roller shuttle door, rapid auto roll door for logistic warehouse, follow by conveyor sorting system by manual conveoyr and free roller conveyor to even floor by floor elevator lift system with conveyor. by using cargo lift or service lift package with conveyor. in order to let forklift load the part on the existing floor using bar code to scan the pallet and delivered to the floor required. in order to view the goods XTS including CCTV system to monitor the good inside the lift. Lift monitoring system such as Lab view or etc is implement too.

Sorting conveyor system in malaysia is also useful to cut down operator or man power in the process. XTS is moving towards the great trend of automation in logistic warehouse system. We build all conveyor in Malaysia such as Roller conveyor Malaysia, Belt conveyor malaysia, Spiral Conveyor malaysia, Conveyor Malaysia.

Weighting scale or weight scale and 3D part dimension for width, lenght and height sorting and checking system is also parellel input with our logistic warehouse automation conveyor system. Area or location can sorting by bar code using tilting conveyor, pop up conveyor, lift and shuttle conveyor and etc. We also provide pick to light system, pick to line system, pick to like system, pick to pallet system, 

Please contact us for South East Asia Market, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand,  Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar and Australia for more information. 

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Logistic Distribution Automation Malaysia

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